Wisconsin Cheese:

Curd, String, & Spreads




Cheddar Cheese Curd

Cheese Curd is the fresh cheese off the top of the vat. Before the cheese is pressed into the cheese molds, the whey (watery by-product of cheesemaking) is drained and the curd is collected from the top. Cheese Curd is eaten either fresh, as we sell it here, or can be breaded and deep-fried, as you will find on the menu of any self-respecting bar or restaurant in Wisconsin. As curd reaches room temperature, you may feel them ‘squeak’ on your teeth! Curd right out of the vat will 'squeak' the most: once refrigerated, the 'squeak' lessens but can be recaptured to a certain extent by heating the curd in a microwave for 15 seconds or so...Enjoy!

Item # Description-Cheesemaker-Size Price
12270 Curd-Cheddar-White & Yellow Mixed-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12280 Curd-Cheddar-White-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12290 Curd-Cheddar-Yellow-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12300 Curd-Cheddar-Cajun-Yellow-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12310 Curd-Cheddar-Garlic & Dill-White-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12330 Curd-Cheddar-Jalapeno-White-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12340 Curd-Cheddar-Onion & Chive-White-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12350 Curd-Cheddar-Pizza-Yellow-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
12360 Curd-Cheddar-Tomato Basil-White-Cedar Grove-1# $7.00
Cheesemaker: Cedar Grove Cheese Plain, Wisconsin


Muenster Cheese Curd


Muenster Cheese Curd is a little different than the traditional Cheddar Cheese Curd. Muenster curd are cubes cut from the blocks of Muenster Cheese as it is still in the brine in which it is made, so it is a very young, very fresh form of traditional Muenster cheese. It has a very salty, very dry consistency, and a great new flavor that is just becoming popular.


Item # Description-Cheesemaker-Size Price
13640 Curd-Muenster-Silver Lewis-1# $7.00
Cheesemaker: Silver Lewis Cheese Coop Monticello, Wisconsin


Mozzarella String Cheese

Mozzarella String has a delicate, milky flavor and is a great snack for any age. It has a smooth texture in the famous strips that pull off in "strings". 

Item # Description-Cheesemaker-Size Price
14790 String Cheese-Plain-1# $7.00
14800 String Cheese-Smoked-1# $7.00
Cheesemaker: Burnett Dairy Cooperative Grantsburg, Wisconsin