About Us




     House of Wisconsin Cheese was opened in 1933 at      101 S. Hamilton Street on the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin by Anton Yager.


It was opened as

   "Tony's House of Wisconsin Cheese" in a building that     had been occupied by a meat market continuously      since the 1860's.

In the 1970's or 1980's, an eight foot fiberglass mouse found its way atop the doorway of that store, and became an icon for visitors and residents alike.

The store was moved to

107 State Street in Madison in 1989. City elders deemed the mouse "not in keeping with the ambience of State Street", and sadly it was retired.


That store was closed in 2010.




Since then we've expanded our "Cheese Outreach Program" (formerly known as mail-order) by bringing the freshest and finest to you at area farmers' markets throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter brings the holidays which has us mailing packages throughout       the 50 states.


Wisconsin cows continue to produce the best milk,

 and Wisconsin cheesemakers continue to produce      

the best cheese.


I'll continue to bring that cheese to you in an affordable, fast and convenient manner.


Jeffrey C Price,

Owner & WisConcierge