Wisconsin Cheese

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2016 Gift Box Selection

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Two cheeses from Cedar Grove Cheese, one from Arena cheese, two sausages from Bavaria Sausage Kitchen, honey from Potosi, wild rice and cranberries from northern Wisconsin.  Maple Syrup from Merrill and three assorted packets of herb seeds to give you the opportunity to grow your own fresh herbs throughout the winter.

Cheddar-2 Year-White-Cedar Grove-1#
Cheddar-Tomato Basil-Cedar Grove 1#
Cheddar-Marble Colby-Arena Cheese-1#
Summer Sausage-Beef-Bavaria Sausage-12 oz
Summer Sausage-Beef Salami-Bavaria Sausage-12 oz
Honey-Willow Creek Apiaries-12 oz
Cranberries-Fresh-Manitowish Waters-12 oz
Wild Rice-Manitowish Waters-8 oz
Maple Syrup-Klebenow's Sugar Bush-8 oz

Herb Seeds-3 packs

Item # GB20160   $80 Delivered




Five pounds of Wisconsin Cheddar that serve to demonstrate how age relates to sharp flavor, from the mildest Curd to a Super Sharp 4 year old Cheddar.


Curd-Cheddar-Yellow & White-Cedar Grove-1#
Cheddar-Mild-Cedar Grove-1#
Cheddar-Medium-Cedar Grove-1#
Cheddar-2 Year-Cedar Grove-1#
Cheddar-4 Year-Cedar Grove-1#

Item # GB20100   $52 Delivered


Curd Curd Curd

The freshest, most mild form of Cheddar available. Yellow and White taste typify the mild taste, the Garlic & Dill and Cajun Spice are our most popular flavored Curds.

Curd-Cheddar-Yellow & White-Cedar Grove-1#
Curd-Cheddar-Cajun-Cedar Grove-1#
Curd-Cheddar-Garlic & Dill-Cedar Grove-1#

Item # GB20150   $33 Delivered


Parade of Wisconsin Flavor

A little bit of Wisconsin goes a long way. This collection branches out from cheese a bit to include other fine products made here in the state.

Mustard-Spicy Brown-Uncle Phil's-10 oz
Honey-Willow Creek Apiaries-12 oz
Jam-Cranberry-Slack's-9.5 oz
Summer Sausage-Beef-Old Wisconsin-9 oz
Cheddar-Sharp-Cedar Grove-1#
Colby-Marble-Cedar Grove-1#
Muenster-Silver Lewis-1#

Item # GB20140   $50 Delivered



Wisconsin Classics

Six cheeses that pretty much stand as exemplars of the art of cheesemaking in Wisconsin. These are crafted with care and produced with pride.

Cheddar-2 Year-Cedar Grove-1#
Baby Swiss-Cedar Grove-1#
Brick-Silver Lewis-1#
Colby-Marble-Cedar Grove-1#
Muenster-Silver Lewis-1#
Limburger-Chalet-6 oz

Item # GB20110   $53 Delivered



Sausage Set

Whether all Beef or Beef-Salami (with Garlic)these Summer Sausages honor the heritage of German sausage makers who settled along the East Coast of Wisconsin, bringing their craft with them.


Bavaria Sausage Kitchen has been making these fine treats for over 51 years.

Summer Sausage-Beef-Bavaria Sausage Kitchen-12 oz

Summer Sausage-Beef Salami-Bavaria Sausage Kitchen-12 oz

Summer Sausage-Cheddi Bavaria Sausage Kitchen-12 oz

Summer Sausage-Pfefferwurst-Bavaria Sausage Kitchen-12 oz

Summer Sausage-Cajun=Bavaria Sausage Kitchen-12 oz

Item # GB20160   $40 Delivered