We sell cheese and cheese curds from Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, Wisconsin. Bob Wills and company believe in supporting responsible ecological farming and in providing additive free cheese, allowing you to make informed food choices.  Organic farming respects the relationship between soil health, plants, animals, and people.  Integral to organic farming is the commitment to restore and sustain ecological harmony.  Organic farmers treat their animals ethically, providing ample grazing space and living space.  They do not treat their animals with artificial hormones or antibiotics and they never use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  They raise crops without synthetic pesticides and take measures to stop erosion and maintain rich soil. You can support sustainable agriculture by purchasing organic product.


Cedar Grove Cheese is the last remaining dairy in the southwest corner of Sauk County. Now over 100 years old, Cedar Grove is the first to install an uncommon and innovative machine coined The Living Machine to handle the enormous amounts of wastewater created in the cheesemaking process. The Living Machine is an ecologically engineered system that combines elements of conventional wastewater technology with the purification processes of natural wetland ecosystems. In it, tropical plants (papyrus, Elephant Ear, lilies, Marsh grasses, rubber trees, etc.) grow an

average of six inches a week.